Río De Janeiro Brasil

Rio de Janeiro is a densely populated cosmopolitan city with many attractive sites to visit.

Travelers come to this metropolis in search of its picturesque beaches, which are located on the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by hills and emblematic sites, known worldwide, such as the colossal statue of Christ the Redeemer, located in the Foresta de Tijuca Park, an urban green space, visited by thousands of tourists who come to this high viewpoint, to see the cityscape, the sea, the coast, and the hills, in 360°.

And the no less known Sugar Loaf that emerges at the mouth of Guanabara Bay, which is accessed by a cable car, from which you can get unique views of the wonderful place.

Río De Janeiro

Buildings, libraries, museums, churches, the great Maracana stadium, the imposing Catholic Cathedral, modern with a peculiar building, immense, with stained glass windows that give it a special luminosity, Rio has it all.

Traveling with your kids to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil can be a thrilling and enjoyable adventure that allows you to create lasting memories together. Ensuring their comfort during the trip is important, so consider providing them with classic childrens clothes that are suitable for the climate and activities in Rio, allowing them to fully participate in the experience and have a great time.

It has an active life full of restaurants, bars, shopping malls and stores.

Among all the activities in rio de janeiro Brazil, visitors choose besides the mentioned points of interest, «unmissable excursions» as:

Half day in the city, or the Tijuca National Park Waterfalls Circuit.

Participate in the carioca joy at Ginga Tropical, an interactive show, with rhythm, songs and Brazilian folklore.

Or move to nearby areas to spend the day, including Angra dos Reis and Ilha Grande, Búzios, Petrópolis or Arrial do Cabo.

And of course when planning the trip, schedule and book the purchase of tickets for Carnival 2019, the largest and most famous in the world, full of color, fantasy, music, dancers, songs, brightness, light and noise. It takes place annually, forty-seven days before the Christian Lent and ends on Ash Wednesday.

There is much to discover, recreate, enjoy, dance or rest in this coastal urban center, where it is a sin to get bored. Traveled by thousands of people, it offers multiple services and many entertainments, for a fun stay.

Rio De Janeiro Brazil

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